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Registration and Account

How do I register?
Registration on Lagerwerk is free of any charges and without obligation. Before you can place a bid in an auction you must become a registered bidder. The registration/login link is located in the upper left corner of the website – click on ‘Login / Register’.

If you are already registered as a customer, log in with your e-mail address and password. If you do not have an account yet, please register as a new customer. If you have entered all required data, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. This e-mail contains a link, through which you must confirm the registration. After your confirmation we will check your data and you will receive an e-mail confirming your successful registration. Afterwards you can log in at any time with your e-mail address and your password.

What if I forgot my username/password?
If you forgot your password, go to the login page, click on password forgotten and enter your e-mail address. We will send you confirmation e-mail. Please follow the link of the mail to change your password.

If you forgot your e-mail address you are registered with please contact our support:

In which cases I will be notified by e-mail?
E-mail notifications are sent when your registration is received and when it was approved, when you've been outbid and when you've won a lot. If you do not receive any e-mail notification please verify your junk or spam folder.


How can I sell on Lagerwerk?
Please check out our possibilities to sell at Lagerwerk under the following link or contact our team by e-mail - – or by phone - +49 (0) 351 217 899 46.


How do I place a bid?
To place a bid, you have to be registered and logged in. After login you can go to the description of an item to enter the asset page of the lot you are interested in. At the right side of the page you can find the bidding section of the lot. You can now place your bid by either using one of the 3 quick bid buttons with predefined amounts or you enter your preferred maximum amount into the entry field below.

Can I withdraw a bid?
No, bids are legally binding and cannot be withdrawn. If your bid is the highest at the time of the knockdown and the defined reserve price was reached, a sales contract is concluded according to the Specific Auction Terms and Conditions of the auction and our General Terms and Conditions.  

How does the process look like if I win a bid?
Successful highest bidder will receive a notification e-mail for each lot that was won immediately. Within 2 days after auction each buyer will receive an invoice about all purchased lots as well as the payment information by e-mail. Both mails will provide you information about the collection process as well as contact information.

Can I preview the items I'm interested in bidding?
During an auction it is always possible for you to preview the items you are interested in. It may be important for you to inspect the lots before buying. Watch out for our auction preview times, published on our website in the Special Auction Terms and Conditions, and always feel free to contact us, ask questions and schedule a slot for viewing.

Does Lagerwerk perform extended bidding?
To ensure that the process is fair for all bidders any lots that have bids within the last 3 minutes will be extended by 3 minutes. A similar procedure is used in live auctions, where bidding continues as long as participants choose to place further bids.

Lots without any bid will be extended once by 30 minutes related to the original scheduled closing time.


Which costs are added to my bid?
On top of your bid the buyers premium and the value added tax are added. The buyers premium differs from auction to auction and the VAT differs per country. The dedicated percentages for an auction you can find in the auction details and the auction dashboard. Please note that VAT is charged over your bid and the buyers premium.

How do I pay purchased items?
Within two days after the end of an auction you will receive an invoice containing all your auctioned lots and the payment information by e-mail. Payment types offered, unless otherwise stated in the Special Auction Terms and Conditions, are bank transfer and PayPal.

How value added tax (VAT) is handled?
Buyers with residence in the same country as the auction location have to pay the local VAT. Buyers with residence outside the country of the auction location have to pay a deposit in the amount of the VAT rate of the auction location country. This deposit will be refunded in full after Lagerwerk has received the filled and officially signed Certificate of Entry document as a proof that the export of the purchased goods has taken place. Buyers with residence in countries belonging to the European Union must additionally inform us of their VAT number. If this proof is not provided or if the VAT number is invalid, the deposit cannot be refunded. For details regarding the VAT handling please refer to the auction details and the auction dashboard.

What is the Certificate of Entry document?
The Certificate of Entry or Proof of Export is a document to proof that the export of the purchased goods from the auction location country has taken place. It will be sent by Lagerwerk to the buyer by e-mail. The document is prefilled with some basic data and the buyer has to fill and officially sign it. The Certificate of Entry is a requirement for refunding the VAT deposit.


What are the requirements to collect my purchased lots?
You are allowed to collect your purchased goods when the following 3 points are fulfilled:

  • reception of payment at Lagerwerk
  • reception of the collection note (authorization document for collection, will be send by e-mail after receipt of payment)
  • an individual collection appointment was scheduled (please contact the responsible on-site contact for the dedicated auction)

What is the collection note?
The collection note is the document that authorizes you or the logistic provider commissioned by you to pick up your purchased items from the auction location. You will receive the collection note by e-mail after we have received the full invoice amount on our bank account. The collection note contains a full list of the items to be picked up and is a mandatory document for the collection.


‘Please enter a valid bid.’
This means you have entered an invalid value into the bid field. Only full amounts are allowed. Therefore, only digits without decimal places are allowed. Letters and special characters like currency signs or decimal separators are not allowed.

The bid field is missing
Please verify if you are on details page of the lot and that you are logged in. The bidding field is visible for logged buyers only.